Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Hero to the Rescue

What little boy (or girl) doesn't want to be a superhero and star in their very own comic book series??? However, I don't think this what Riley, I mean Red Hero, had in mind when I asked him if he wanted to see himself as a comic book character. Red Hero still found the above amusing nonetheless. "COOL!!!" was how he put it.

Will Red Hero ever learn to make a kissy face?  Or will this be his doom?  Until next time same Bat-time same Bat-channel!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ARRRRR! Me a Pirate!

So I am in the process of potty training the 2 year old.  We've got the pee down.  Well sort of as long as I tell bribe him to go sit on the potty every hour or so.  The poop not so much.  We've had a couple successful moments, followed by many high fives, candies and hip hip hooray's.  But for the most part it has been an utter mess.  I will spare you all the horror stories..

Tonight, just like any other night I sent Q to washroom.  He wanted cheesies and obviously I used this opportunity to my advantage.  GO MAKE PEE OR THERE ARE NO CHEESIES.  He willingly obliges and then proceeds to exit the washroom like this:

Tighty whities over his head, dancing and singing ARRRRRRR! Me a pirate, ARRRRRRR! Me a pirate ARRRRRRR! Me a pirate  His ear to ear grin shows how totally proud and amused Q is with himself.  The trick is not to laugh too much or this incident will happen EVERY single time he goes to the washroom.  If I send him about every hour or so, well you do the math!

So we had our little laugh, took a picture to remember the occasion and he sat down on the couch to eat cheesies.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Secret Crush

So I have had this obsession crush for a really long time.  One of those weak in knees type scenarios.  Not many people including my crushee knows about my crush. Well you see he’s quite a bit older than me by almost 40 years.  He is pretty much the same age as my grandfather.  Which too many of you that is just plain plain gross.  You make think that he’s way too old for me but I think he is perfect in so many ways.
  • He’s sexy
  • He’s a leader
  • He’s romantic
  • He’s adventurous
  • He’s not see this is wherein my problem lies

My crush is the one and only Captain Jean Luc Picard!

Whether he is saying, "Make it So" or "Tea Earl Gray Hot" or doing the infamous Picard manoeuvre (see below) everything that this man says or does emanates sexiness.


One of the best episodes is Chain of Command where Picard is captured by the Cardasians Even after being tortured day in and day out his will is never broken and he maintains his sexiness. So brilliant!

Picard should never wear pants...EVER!

So now my secret is out and you can all make fun of me now.  My name is Terrie.  I have a crush on Jean Luc Picard (not Patrick Stewart).  I am a trekkie and that makes me a huge geek.