Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mutants of the world REJOICE!!!

Something eerie is happening to my body.
I can't stop "IT".  
At first I was frightened.  
Now, I am learning to live with "IT".
I thought I was an anomaly.
Apparently others exist.  
It is a secret world.
I am letting you in.
My tonsils have grown back!


Unfortunately my mutation is something really gross. I had my tonsils surgically removed as a child but over the past little while they have slowly decided to reform in my throat.  

This makes me think will other parts of me start to regenerate.  Foe example, if I cut of my toe will it grow back. I know some animals can regenerate body parts such as lizards can grow back their tails and spiders can gown back their legs. However, I am not willing to test my self just yet. I need more proof.

Why couldn't I get a cool mutation or superpower?  

For example Jean Grey has telekinesis...

Or Wolverine's ability to heal himself...

I'd even take Mystique's ability as a shape shifter...

Besides they look totally hot too!

For now I just have the ability to regenerate my tonsils.  I will keep you posted if other forms of regeneration begin.

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  1. Try the cutting off of your toe and let me know what happens.