Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rocket Queen

Me circa 1993ish

There has been a lot of Guns N Roses talk with the concert at the John Labatt Centre this week. So the nostalgia has set in. GnR was one of my favorite bands growing up. Appetite for Destruction was one of the first cassette tapes (yes cassettes used to be all the rage) I ever purchased. I can't believe my mother even let me purchase it but I don't think they had those parental advisory stickers on albums back then.

I was so obsessed with the band I skipped school one day just to go to HMV and buy the Use Your Illusion's I & II. Just picture a bunch of very young high school kids, sitting on the tiled floor in our kilts and blazers (yah I went to catholic school) outside of HMV. All singing GnR patiently waiting to get our nicotine stained and skull ringed fingers on the first copies (btw I haven't smoked in years and think it is absolutely vile...BLAH!). Then we saw the store clerk with a key. Everyone makes a mad rush and starts jockeying for position. The clerk finally slides the key in the lock "click" and he starts to open the sliding doors. GnR's new album is blasting on the speakers in the background and the dash is being made to the display.

With my heart palpating I get both my copies and proceed to the checkout realizing that I have no way to listen to Axl's sweet voice or Slash's amazing guitar solos or even Duff's deep melodic riffs on the bass. So, there is no other choice. We park ourselves outside of HMV listening and savoring the music until security kicks us out and sends us back to school.

Here is Axl singing one of my all time fav's , looking glorious in his white spandex shorts and NO ladies and gents there is no sock in there! But that is a whole other story...

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